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Constituent Spotlight

“Misi has this program called the Bread of Life that has provided food for our family for years. It cuts down our food bill.” – Pamela

With his past record, Misi Tagaloa has proven his commitment to a better Long Beach, his commitment to our diversity, and his commitment to making sure every voice is heard.

“We bought our first home through his Home Ownership program and it started our family on our way to the American dream.” – Chris Pepe

“When our community did not have a place to meet, Pastor Misi opened his church and received us like family.”  – Bishop Rodrigo

“I have a job because of Pastor Misi.” – Chheun Eng Hou

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As a leader, I pledge to: (1) do the right thing and not just what polls well, (2) lean towards progress instead of party affiliation, (3) create a city where anyone can succeed if they work hard and play by the rules and (4) listen to all sides before deciding.

Again, thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my campaign for a healthy community. I look forward to welcoming you as a supporter to this historic campaign.

Peace and Blessings.